"My name is Miss Jan and my grand-daughter Tabitha and I have been working in the adaptive program for about two years.  I have been working wtih children with special needs for about 18 years.  I have family members with special needs and I wish they had this program where they live. 

I think this program works because: the helpers attend workshops and learn how to best meet the needs of each child;  the helpers are all ages from pre-teens to adults and the children enjoy having the "Big Kids" show them what to do;  we communicate to the parents to find out what their child needs to work on and what they think works best for their chlid; and finally, we include games and rewards that are tangable and can be collected over time. We make it FUN!

There is no greater pleasure than watching a child try and try and finally get it.  You can tell by their body language that they are proud of themselves.  And when they give you a big smile and say "I did it", well, That's What I'm Talking About".

-Jan Scorza
Grandparent, Inclusive Pre-School Teacher, and ATKD Staff Member



"Over the past three years, Ms. Rome's Adaptive TKD program has helped our son develop coordination, self-confidence, and a sense of belonging to a community with strong values and purpose. ATKD has given him the tools and opportunity to work through physical and attention challenges to set and achieve goals he is proud of.

We have been consistently impressed by the expertise, caring and commitment of Ms. Rome and her staff. Their patience and perspective is a tremendous support for students and for parents. Thank you so much!"

-Nina Nichols                                 


"My son (who has an autism spectrum disorder) has been participating in the program for three years, and it has greatly improved both his motor skills and his ability to focus and follow directions.  The instructor, Ms. Anna Rome, really manages to strike the right balance between having high expectations for her students and being accommodating of their special needs."

-Kirsten Hill       


"Thanks so much for all you do to give our kids self-confidence, encourage their listening skills, and help with their behavior modification when they get frustrated!  It is a place for me to come and 'relax' because your class provides an atmosphere where our kids 'issues' are not looked at in a negative light.  You and the other instructors are really AMAZING!"

-Susan White, mom to 5-year old   


"I like this program because it has such high standards and doesn't accept anything but Audrey's absolute best.  The structure of the program combined with an atmosphere where Audrey can feel successful is perfect."

-Elenor Hodges